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About Basic Income Hamilton

We are raising awareness, educating and engaging Hamiltonians about the concept of basic income. Building support for and commitment to the implementation of a national basic income program for Canadians.

an open letter from our co-chairs

What is basic Income?

With a shrinking middle-class, increasing automation, and full-time employment becoming harder to find, we need an income solution for the future. That solution is Basic Income, and you can help to make it a reality. 

Basic income is an approach to economic security supported across the political spectrum. It provides a guaranteed level of income to cover basic needs, protecting a shrinking middle-class and providing a real alternative to our trapping welfare cycle. If it sounds like a new idea, it's really not. This is something we already do in Canada through Guaranteed Income Supplement for seniors and the Child Tax Benefit for parents. It's been a massive success for decades in supporting seniors and families with children with incredible benefits to the economy and communities. 

There is every reason to expect it can work well for other Canadians as well, far better than demeaning and stingy social assistance programs, or forcing those precariously employed to bear all the risk of life’s ups and downs on their own.


Humans of Basic Income is an ongoing portrait series featuring the citizens of Ontario who were part of the prematurely cancelled Basic Income Pilot Project and their stories.

Jessie Golem was one of the more than 4,000 people from Thunder Bay, Lindsay, Hamilton, Brantford and Brant County who signed up for the program with hopes of a creating a better quality of life using its monthly basic income payments.

Now she's turning her lens on dozens of others caught up in the same situation in hopes of giving them a voice to share their story and combat stigma through a photo series called Humans of Basic Income.

An open letter from our

On behalf of Basic Income Hamilton, welcome.

Our Hamilton community remains one of the most active in the country for basic income advocacy, and we welcome you to join this growing national and international movement. Sign up for our mailing list, come to an event, attend an upcoming meeting or simply browse the resources section and learn more about basic income.  

Basic income is a solution-focused approach that changes lives. How do we know this? We know because Hamiltonians in our community experienced the transformative effects of the Ontario Basic Income Pilot after its launch in 2017. Although it was prematurely cancelled only one year into the three-year pilot, the benefits of basic income to our community were clear.
Hamiltonians and others on the basic income pilot reported:

- Less stress
- Improved mental health
- Fewer health problems
- A greater ability to work or return to school
- The opportunity to seek out better living conditions
- Better food and nutrition options
- An increased sense of dignity.  

The potential of basic income and its ability to benefit our community is enormous. Around the world it is lifting people from poverty, strengthening families, improving local economies and improving the health of people.  Thank you for visiting and we hope to see you at an upcoming event or meeting.

Lisa Alfano & Jeffrey C. Martin



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